adventures in elisp

samer masterson

parsers take a while

I didn’t do much work Tuesday and I mostly felt overwhelmed by how much I needed to get done. I’ve finished enough of the parser to start playing with the abstract syntax tree, but I want to parse more of the language before I move on. I was reading my previous post about my plan when I started the parser, and I realized that I started to lose track of myself when I stopped writing test cases. So I’m going to write tests for what I want to get done today and tomorrow and set out to finish as much as I can before Thursday, which is my hard deadline. After Thursday, I’m moving on from the parser.

Also, I broke like everything over the weekend haha. Outgoing emails no longer work, and switching to https broke my piwik, so I can’t see how many people read my blog D: I’ll worry about those things when Friday comes.