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samer masterson

kiev: my new favorite band

Radiohead is one of my favorite bands, and I’ve been looking for bands with a similar sound for a while. One of my friends recommended Kiev, and they are fantastic. I get so many radiohead vibes from this group.

My personal favorite (so far) - Found the Real Found. Super radiohead-y.

To the woman at the beginning: it’s my song too <3 - Opening in G. Listen to that freaking saxophone! What bands have saxophonists???

I’m purchasing an album as soon as I have the money to!

Also, one last comment before I close. When a friend says, “hey, you like \<band>, you should really listen to \<other_band> because they’re similar (I promise)!”, they really mean “hey! I like \<other_band> a lot, and I’m going to recommend them to you in the hopes that you like them too, even they’re only superficially (if at all) similar to \<band>!”, so I was incredibly surprised when Kiev turned out to match my interests almost exactly.