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samer masterson

sim city 2000

Played sim city 2000 today.

This is an overview of my city:

Look how big it is @_@ I usually give up before my cities grow to this size. My population was at 227k when I stopped playing, and I was in the year 2181. This time, I used the levelling tool to take out mountains and plant rows of houses.

This is the other corner of my city:

I enjoy maximizing the amount I zone the space. And you can see some rubble on the hill from when half my city set on fire!

A close up of Hollywood:

The land is elevated, and I have no other reason for why this corner of the map is Hollywood.

Abandoned buildings:

Though the land around it is so prosperous, Haunted Hill just can’t seem to get itself together. Check out that radiation.

Rich people:

I like how the rich all settle down in the same area. Just like in real life! Their proximity to the police station helps keep out undesirables.