adventures in elisp

samer masterson

status update

Two weeks in! Just a quick check in for the things I’ve been doing:

  • Parser: Almost done with a reasonable subset of the language. Should wrap that up tomorrow so I can move on. I’ve learned a lot about parsing and my ability to grapple with tasks that are simulatenously challenging and tedious! I understand why parser generators exist now.

  • Daily ritual: I’ve actually gone through my checklist every day. It seems to get me in the right mindset to work because it answers the question of “what do I do” when I get to Hacker School in the morning. Big fan of this.

  • Github streak: Not happening! Haha, I didn’t really commit (kek) to this, and so there were days (like today!) where it fell apart. It might be fun to dedicate myself to a streak, though. I could easily roll this into my daily ritual by making one of the things I’m supposed to get done every day something that github would track.

  • Blogging streak: I’ve written a blog post for every day I’ve been here, which kind of blows my mind. I come up with ideas for blog posts more often now, and writing is getting slightly easier. My ideas have become more elaborate, though, and I need to give myself more time to research and draft them out.

  • Oats: Still eating lots of them!

I’ve been having a blast so far. It blows my mind how good Hacker School is for me. Ya’ll rock.